Neil Youngson

Interior photographer
Mérida, Yucatán, México

I'm Neil, a Brit who settled in Mérida in 2010. Photography has been a lifelong hobby and creative outlet, an antidote to the logical discipline of a career in IT. I don't have the skills to paint or draw, but with a camera I can, at least sometimes, reveal the beauty in the world around us, show everyday scenes in a new light. Like any artistic endeavour photography is a lifelong pursuit and I'm always learning and improving, and that keeps it fun and interesting.

Since coming to Merida I've had the opportunity to photograph many houses, more than 200, you'll find a small selection of them on this site. It's something that I love to do - I've long been interested in architecture and design. This city provides many expats with the opportunity to design and renovate an old property, or build a new one from scratch, something most could not afford to do in their home countries. This gives interior photography here an extra dimension as the houses I photograph are often unique, a realisation of the owners' tastes and dreams.

If you have just completed a renovation, or wish to sell or rent your home, a good set of photographs can make all the difference. If you'd like to use my services please contact me via the Contact link on the menu. 

I look forward to hearing from you.




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December 2018

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AFAR - Travel Magazine and Guide

April 2018

Falling in Love With Mérida, Mexico, One Perfect Home at a Time

Ambientes Magazine

2015 Núm 85

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Customer Testimonials

Maravillosa experiencia ! Neil es extremadamente profesional en las sesiones fotográficas y en la entrega de su trabajo . Sus fotos captan la esencia de cada rincón. Lo conocimos por recomendación y seguiremos recomendandolo ! Gracias Neil. Wonderful work !

Griselda, July 2018

They look Great!!

Victor Cruz, July 2018

Love it, amazing, thank you so much.

Steve & Sanda


Thanks again and the photos look great.

John A, May 2018


Deb and David, Nov 2017

They’re amazing. These are my favorite so far. Thank you so much!!!!!

Carlos, Nov 2017

Thank you for the pictures, we are very happy with your work... We love them!!!

Sebastian, Oct 2017

The photographs are beautiful as always. You do such a professional and amazing job. Thank you.

Tonia and Roberto, Sep 2017

I've just seen all of the photos you have posted so far and they are looking wonderful! Thank you so much for all of the time you are putting into this project for us.

LeAnn, Sep 2017

Beautiful job!!! The photography is outstanding. We will certainly recommend your services to others.

Sid & Francesca, Sep 2017

As before, we love the photos! We hope to have an even better response to the new photos than we did for Casa Jirafa.

Michael C, Aug 2017

We loved the photos!!! We think you captured Casa Jirafa beautifully, and people are already responding very favorably to the new pictures. We look forward to working with you on future projects.

Michael C, Aug 2017

These are wonderful! Thank you!

Katy, Aug 2017

Well, as usual.... they look spectacular!

Ian, Jul 2017

Thanks for the photos. They are absolutely wonderful! The lighting is great and they really bring out the best in our humble abode. Jose is very happy too! He feels like they showcase all his hard work. Thank you so much!

Avra, Apr 2017

Neil, Just fyi, the photos you took of our home will be used in the BAI brochure for the upcoming house tour.

Sara, Oct 2016

The photos you have taken are stunning, Thank you for your attention to detail. The house does look even more beautiful through your lens. I appreciate the extra time you have taken to make these images the best they can be.

Belinda, Oct 2016

Thank you very much Neil, you did a great job!

Hélène, Sep 2016

I want to thank you for forwarding the pics. They are absolutely fantastic. Makes me NOT want to sell the place! I appreciate your artistry and know that they will be very valuable in stirring up interest in our place.

Richard, Jun 2016

These look gorgeous, Neil! You have done a fantastic job. Everything looks so bright and the color is intense--the rooms couldn't look better. Thank you so much!

Heather H, Mar 2016

Thanks Neil...YOU ARE AMAZING. You are a true artist with a camera.

Jim Mann, Mar 2016

Love the pictures!!!!!

Martha H, Feb 2016

Amazing!! The pictures are fantastic Neil. I cannot thank you enough. Wow - we are very impressed.

Michelle K, Feb 2016

Beyond our expectations! Thank you so much!

Don & Jan, Jul 2015

The pictures look amazing. Gorgeous light etc., so thank you for doing a great job.

Janis Lee Marchment, Jan 2015

Great... As usual they are terrific.

Ian Smith, Jan 2015

Excellent shots, Neil! Great composition and captured light. Thank you.

Tim G, Dec 2014

Thank you so much Neil, they look GREAT! Just what we had in mind.

Keith Heitke, Nov 2014

Wow Neil! Beautiful! Fantastic job. Fabulous photos. Great compositions and lighting...enhances the elegance. Thank you!

Harold and Carolyn, Oct 2014

Thanks Neil these look outstanding. Kinda makes me want to buy the house. Again thanks so much.

Roger Bowie, Oct 2014

Wonderful photos! I would buy that house! Thank you for all of your great work!

Nancy Hokenson, Oct 2014

As always they look FANTASTIC! You really are incredible with this.....

Ian Smith, Sep 2014

Thank you Neil, they are fantastic. All of them. Thank you again.

Eric Soller, Sep 2014

Wonderful, Amazing, Delicious, Beautiful… I could go on forever! GREAT JOB!

Karla M. Miller, Aug 2014

The photos show off the house beautifully!

C. Schneider, Jun 2014

I´ve already had a great response from the link I sent everybody, the photos look great!

Ian Smith, Jan 2014

The photos are wonderful, many thanks!

C. Reyes, Jul 2013

WOW, they look fabulous! Thank you most kindly.

Barbara Estrada, May 2013

You are a true artist! Thanks so much Neil, everyone is very impressed by your photos!

Kate Kelly, Mar 2013

These are great, Neil, marvellous photos! I greatly admire your technique.

Christopher Collins-Lee, Nov 2012

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